Over 250% Increase in Organic Traffic, 1,273 New SQLs

Organic Traffic Increase


New SQLs


Increase Marketing Revenue


The Company

Retif is an oil and fuel wholesaler serving residential and commercial businesses from each of their 8 locations across the southeast U.S. They approached us with a clear set of goals and objectives:

  • Create a digital lead generation plan that will drive 4 new Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) per month
  • Increase SEO rankings for core service offerings – specifically for keywords related to “fuel delivery”, “fuel contracts”, and “[Shell product] lubricants”
  • Integrate marketing and sales platforms to enable the executive team to evaluate the impact of marketing programs

The team at Five Tool delivered on these goals and much more…

Working with Five Tool is unlike any other agency I've worked with before. They have an uncanny ability to connect with our customers in ways that we've never been able to achieve online. I couldn't be happier with their commitment to our company and helping us constantly evolve our digital strategy.

Lauren Clark, Head of Marketing

The Strategy

In order to compete with both local and national competitors, we needed a website that could both rank for local searches (location-specific pages) and national searches (product/service specific pages).

To best serve Retif’s customers (primarily blue-collar industry), we needed a website that was fast, informative, and provided the resources visitor may be looking for; what product lines are offered, what is the technical info for those products, what is the availability of a product by location.

Lead Generation Web Design Retif Case Study



Deep improvement of product and industry pages (including a full website redesign) to include location-specific pages/service offerings, product technical data, and multiple conversion pathways – chat widget, click-to-call, one-click directions. 


By creating pages specific to product offerings (Shell Gadus Lubricant, as opposed to “Lubricants distributor”) we were able to move 90% of Retif’s lubricant offerings from unranked to top 10 within 9 months.

seo rankings for shell products


Next, we focused on improving search engine visibility and conversion rates for each of Retif’s 8 locations. First, by creating individual landing pages for each location – including specific product/service offerings. By linking these new location pages directly to Google My Business pages we were able to capture real estate in multiple areas of the SERP. 


Over 1,270 New SQLs

All through digital channels.

A 260% increase marketing-driven revenue

Over the course of 12-months, the digital lead gen strategies we implemented beat yearly goals by 2.5x.

A 285% increase in organic traffic

By executing page-specific SEO strategies (local vs. national), we were able to outrank competitors for high conversion terms.

Multi-channel marketing/sales campaigns enabled Cognosos to connect with over 14,000 prospects, test their messaging, and better define their product offering.


Five Tool built out the integration and process that moved leads from the Cognosos website, through MailChimp marketing campaigns, and ultimately into Salesforce. This process saved countless hours on lead qualification and gave leadership full visibility into marketing and sales performance.

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