Five Tool Delivers Urjanet More Traffic and Leads with Automation

Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Conversions


Increase in "High Value" Keyword Traffic


The Challenge

In 2017, Urjanet, a growing technology company, was setting up to expand into new markets. After string of successful deployments and proving out their product, leadership began honing in on three new segments with similar challenges. Their CMO, Sarah Arvin was game planning for the company’s three new product launches – all within a six-month timeframe.

This growth prompted a few challenges. Urjanet needed to redesign its website to appeal to these new markets, position itself for continued aggressive organic growth, and find an elegant solution that appealed to a broader audience while creating specific, clear pathways for each segment.

The Approach

Five Tool was engaged to lead web development, implement SEO strategy, and get the new site live. To ensure the website was ready for the new product launches, Urjanet had an aggressive three-month timeline from engagement to launch.

That meant the SEO/content requirements, technical requirements, development QA, and user experience all had to be meticulously prepared for a smooth rollout before any new product announcements.

One major benefit to doing an SEO/website overhaul in sync with a new product launch is the wealth of FRESH research. We were fortunate to have access to Urjanet’s team to draw out these insights to guide the SEO strategy and website architecture for future growth.

Five Tool is a results-oriented partner that is focused on growth. It's more important than ever to have an agency that gets your business and works with you towards your goals.

The Execution

It was time to put all those pieces of information together:

The first and most crucial step in the project – engaging with the product, sales and marketing teams at Urjanet. With this information, we were able to create a web experience tailored to these new potential customers.

We created buyer pathways that allowed Urjanet to filter higher quality leads to the sales team. This enabled Urjanet to generate more pipeline without overwhelming the sales team.

We hyper-focused on the most valuable SEO terms – the ones that would attract prospects who were closest to making a purchase. This allowed us to quickly assess whether messaging to new markets was resonating – or if we needed to pivot.

Lastly, we created a custom, user-friendly, CMS. This empowered Urjanet’s team to quickly change content without needing a developers help.

The Outcome

Five Tool delivered on time and on budget.

Urjanet now has beautiful and intuitive user experience, designed as a platform to support its digital marketing, product growth, and lead generation efforts.

Since re-launch less than a year ago, organic traffic for core pages is up 49%, goal conversions from organic search have increased 52%, and organic traffic to bottom funnel pages is up 32%.