Five Tool Helps Cognosos Generate Over 65,000 New Leads

New Leads


New Revenue Growth

$1.2 Million

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  • Cognosos is an IoT technology company that enables companies to monitor and track asset location (e.g. cars, medical equipment) in real time with their software and wireless technology.
  • Five Tool was approached to help scale up their marketing efforts and automate their lead qualification process.
  • The goal was to generate qualified sales opportunities using marketing technology and digital channels.
As an early stage company, it's essential that our marketing partners focus on helping us fill the marketing funnel and deliver opportunities to Sales. During our work together, Five Tool demonstrated a results-oriented focus and always ensured that marketing initiatives and demand gen programs were aligned with company strategies and goals.

Steve Robb, CEO


  • Cognosos had found success with a few dealerships and automotive auction companies. To develop a large list of prospects we would connect with industry associations, trade shows, and other automotive technology companies.
  • The Cognosos IoT product was new to the market. With that in mind, we planned to A/B value propositions in all marketing campaigns. This approach would quickly identify messaging that would resonate with dealership prospects. 
  • Cognosos had a two-person sales team and over 15,000 companies in their addressable market. We recognized marketing automation would be needed to do the heavy lifting on qualifying prospects. We intended to achieve this by building out an integration between their website, marketing automation platform (MailChimp), and Salesforce.


  • UX & WEB DESIGN // Deep improvement of product and industry pages (including a full website redesign) to include explainers, social proof, and custom graphics to illustrate product usages and benefits.
  • LEAD GENERATION // Through outreach to associations, publications, and other automotive tech companies, we acquired a list of over 16,000 prospects. From there we had the data needed to begin segmenting and prioritizing leads based on a set of criteria.
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION // Next, we used automated Mailchimp email campaigns to deliver personalized messaging to high priority leads. Automated Salesforce notifications went to the sales team when a prospect qualified as ‘high potential’. This enabled the sales team to focus their efforts on highly qualified opportunities while the marketing automation did the heavy lifting on lead qualification.


  • OVER 65,000 NEW LEADS // Through digital marketing campaigns and building relationships with industry contacts we were able to obtain over 65,000 leads. More importantly, these leads contained critical information to begin classifying and prioritizing prospects by tier (e.g. company size, inventory size, dealership attributes).
  • $1.2 MILLION IN NEW REVENUE //Cognosos generated $1.2 million in incremental new revenue during the period Five Tool ran the Cognosos marketing and lead generation programs.
  • OVER 14,000 NEW PROSPECTS REACHED  // Multi-channel marketing/sales campaigns enabled Cognosos to connect with over 14,000 prospects, test their messaging, and better define their product offering.
  • FULLY INTEGRATED MARKETING & SALES AUTOMATION // Five Tool built out the integration and process that moved leads from the Cognosos website, through MailChimp marketing campaigns, and ultimately into Salesforce. This process saved countless hours on lead qualification and gave leadership full visibility into marketing and sales performance.

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