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Five Tool Podcast – Episode 1: The Leap

Five Tool Founders, Sean Carnahan and Marc Freund, answer questions from friends and family on launching their agency, working together, and the challenges of navigating their first year together.

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Personas: The Essential Multi-tool for Your Business

Kind of unbelievable that there could be one tool that can enhance every aspect of your business, right? Well there is, and it’s probably something you’ve considered before in a roundabout way, and never quite as thoroughly as you should have. What I’m talking about are personas, i.e., well thought-out profiles of fictional customers. It’s often best to only create one persona for each of your most frequent business partners (usually no more than four or five personas). Each persona describes the wants, needs, motivations and challenges of each type of customer. But how do personas help anything? Excellent question, glad you asked! These personas act almost like an on-call focus group for you to reference whenever you’re considering anything new—expanding your services; adding a new product line; creating or redesigning your website; starting a new ad campaign. Personas can…..

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